Getting the Right Fit When Online Shoe Shopping

You receive a package in the mail - they are the new shoes you ordered online! Eagerly, you pull them out of the box and shove your foot inside and...NOOOOO! They are too big or too small. $%!@

So now what? Emails to the company, trips to the post office, and waiting to see if a bigger or small size is even in stock. We know the hassle ladies and it sucks. 'Ain't nobody got time for that!

Since our beginning, Trèsolz has been dedicated to providing you with fashionable and affordable footwear options. We understand that exchanges cost both us and you time and money. And with postage rates skyrocketing over the last year, we want to avoid returns as much as you do. That's why, we provide THREE ways to help your shoes fit perfectly the first time.

1. Measure your feet accurately and use the size guide posted on our site.

This is the most important step. There is no real thing as a "standard size" in the shoe industry, especially when it comes to us women with large feet. Especially for sizes 10 and up - standardization gets really sloppy. This is because bigger brands (you know the ones) want to say they cater up to size 13 BUT rather than develop new molds for the larger sizes (which costs a lot of money) they size up their half sizes to the next full size.... their size 11.5 is an 12, their 12 is a 12.5, and so on. It's sad but true.

Measuring your foot with a soft measuring tape is KEY. It's super easy and quick. Then all you do is find your size based on our sizing chart provided. 

And measure accurately, like 11.1" or 13.9" because the difference from one size to another is a matter of just 0.2"   Prefer to use centimeters? No problem! Jusy convert to inches afterward. Check out our measuring guide and sizing chart on our website at the link below:
Measuring Instructions & Size Guide

2. Read the specific fitting details for each shoe, if they are provided.

Here's the reality - a few designs that have arrived in our warehouse do not fit true to our sizing chart. We know and so we fit and compare every single style and size as soon as they arrive to us, then update the description to let you know if they run small, large, wide, or narrow and by how much. Take a moment to read these notes. If there are none, it means the style runs true to our size chart.

3. Chat with us directly before you purchase.

We pride ourselves in knowing ALL our shoes. Our customer service agents know each and every one. Plus, you can chat with us in real time through our website. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to confirm any details on the purchase you are about to make.

At Trèsolz, we love getting to know our customers' feet. After ordering with us, we keep your sizing notes in our charts and use them to help with future purchases. We love forming relationships with you so that we can keep our repeat customers happy


So there you have it girlfriends!  Follow the above tips and you'll have smooth sailing when you shop the Trèsolz collection.

Finally, I can't say bye until I tell you about some of our top sellers for the first quarter of this year. I mean, as the world slowly opens up, you may as well grab some fun shoes! All of the styles below run true to size:)

1. Gwenneth: Our perfect, sexy black leather low heeled pump. She is high quality and classy. Sizes 10-14.

2. Poppy:  These genuine suede slip-ons feature a chic pointed toe and are finished with crisp double bow-accents to bring extra texture to complement jeans or midi skirts. Sizes 10-14.

3. Alexis Rose: This ankle boot features a flirtatious tasseled bow and modern block heel. She is crafted from smooth suede for lasting style. Sizes 11-15.

4. Nyomi: With a sophisticated pointed toe and trendy slanted block heel, Nyomi is our versatile classic. Nyomi boasts a duo-shade open vamp suede upper that will elevate your outfit. Sizes 9-13.

As always, we are here to help you with all of your needs - from sizing to fitting, and every need in between.
God Bless,
Judy and the Trèsolz Team

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