Our Story

Our Mission
To provide women with large feet a variety of footwear options marked by style - no compromise. 

Our Story
“From Pain to Purpose.”  This is the story of Tresolz. 
Judy Stewart, Treslolz’ founder, always struggled to find shoes to fit her beautifully wide size 10.5 feet. As a 5’10” woman, professional, mother, wife and athlete, she had a passionate desire for shoes that 'fit' the diverse aspects of her life.
Shoes that were stylish.
Shoes that were affordable.
Shoes that were comfortable. 
But the struggle was real! The selection was weak. The styles were frumpy or the quality poor. When she did find an amazing style, either the price was outrageous or the comfort was nonexistent. Ouch!
After years of pain and frustration, she finally decided that she had enough and started Trēsolz.  She knew that this shoe dilemma wasn’t only her struggle and she wanted to be part of the solution for all women in the same predicament. 
Because ALL women deserve choice, style and affordability in their shoe game - without compromise.