Confidence...It's in YOU!

Confidence is an easy look to achieve, but not an easy feeling. We sometimes are full of jealousy when we look at others and the way they present themselves. We’re all guilty of it. But thinking of someone else’s treasures won’t make them yours. The only thing left to do is work on you and here’s how to do that.

Fake it till you make it. Acting like a confident woman can eventually make you one. It’s a common tactic - convince yourself something is true until you really believe it is. So, just exude confidence until you actually are. 

Smiling. Friendliness is a confident trait and that includes smiling. Forcing a smile for a certain amount of time will make you feel truly happy. Happiness with yourself brings happiness towards others, and when others are happy to be around you, it brings self-confidence. As much as we shouldn’t rely on others to determine our feelings about ourselves, we usually do. Set yourself up in a way so that others show you positivity. 

Standing tall. You’re already tall, but slouching and keeping your head down doesn’t help your case. People who need comfort and protection try to cover themselves up and make themselves seem smaller. This is a classic lack of confidence. Think of when you were a child, thinking a monster was in your room. The solution was to cover yourself in the blankets and become small. The same works here. Feeling unconfident makes you want to become small and unnoticeable. Stand tall, straight,  and lift your head up. Force yourself to show confidence to become confident.

Eye contact. Moving your eyes around when you’re talking to someone makes you seem uncomfortable. Look the person in the eyes and be engaged. This way you can look confident and have a productive conversation. This applies to group speaking too. You’ll look engaged and friendly, making others want to talk with you. Set yourself up for this social situation in a positive way and you’ll gain confidence.

Talk more. Going hand in hand with eye contact, the more you contribute to the conversation, the better it’ll go. Looking confident in your words is looking confident in yourself. Putting yourself out there can make you feel proud and strong. 

Walk strong. When you walk with purpose you know where you’re going. Use your long legs to take large strides. Think of it as moving closer and closer to your end goal of pure confidence. The happiness felt walking towards this goal creates a feeling of strength. Strength and confidence go hand in hand. 

Be yourself. This is the most important way to bring confidence. Love who you are. Confidence in your own skin with no filters is the best kind of confidence to have. It’s pure.

Practising all of these tips together can create a bold woman to the outside eye and makes you a more positive person. Confidence comes from within. What you think you can be, you can be.

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