Why Did God Make Me So Tall?!

This is the question that I have struggled with for years. I’m over it now - I mean, I am 48 years old. But for a loooong time, as a child and teenager, I struggled with this very question. “God really? I'm always in the back row for class pictures. God, all my pants never come down past my ankles And GOD! All the boys are shorter than me! I STAND OUT!”

I stand out!

I stand out?


To all the tall ladies reading this...reality check! We get to STAND OUT!

It took me a while to reframe the STANDING OUT dilemma. But here’s what I’ve come up with so far. 

Being tall has its advantages. Many of them. Actually, our height is actually a wonderful, God-given blessing. Here are a few of my personal thoughts related to being created wonderfully tall:

  1. Tallness is respected. It may not be right, but it’s true. When a group of people walk into a room, who are the ones that get eye contact first? Who are the ones that get spoken to first? Who are the ones that get the attention first? This is not to say that we abuse this cultural norm. Actually the opposite. As tall women we must remember to live our lives like everyone is watching...walk with honesty and integrity, but walk tall!
  2. We can look great in our clothes: there are so many brands now around the world that are catering to us with longer limbs. And because we’re tall, our frame makes dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans etc. look so damn good. We stand out because people are looking at how awesome we wear our clothes.
  3. We can rock the heels and beautiful shoes because we’re already tall. So who cares? Think about it? What’s a few more inches gonna do? It will only make us stand out even more, and that’s a good thing. When is the last time you saw a super tall woman rocking some heels? What did you think when you saw her? I bet you thought “Dayum/ She looks so confident, so sexy, and just stunning!” Now flip the script my Queen. You rock those heels and walk like you own the day! 

At Trèsolz we help tall ladies with big feet find trendy plus size shoes that they love in the sizes they love (we offer wide width shoes, work shoes for women who have big feet, wedding shoes, and cute shoes for big feet). And, we give you heel options. We understand the need for shoe choices and we’ve made it a mission for our brand to offer the same shoe with different heel heights. Check out our Choose-Your-Heel Collection on our site.

So ladies, if you ever have questioned God about your abundance of height, remember that it’s a blessing. Being tall at first comes with its challenges, but over time we overcome and turn them into victories and blessings. Yes, the blessing of being tall should give us reason to say, “Thank you God for giving me the gift of height”.

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