Collapsible Loafers - the hot new trend!

Designed to be folded down and stepped on? Say what??!!

Ladies, if you haven't heard of the collapsible loafer trend then read on.

I know...the concept of the unique, collapsible heel that can be worn down like a slide or up like a loafer. Wrap your head around that! A lifetime of conditioning to put on our shoes rather than step on them has quickly turned on its head! We thought the world worked one way, but no, sorry, it works completely the other way, and now we can step on our shoes. In fact, these shoes were made to be stepped on! Hence the term, collapsible heel.

Not to worry, they are also made to be worn with their backs up too. So, no matter what your preference, our newest release Lesline will serve your purpose.

Sometimes you need to hop on a trend, and our leather Lesline collapsible heel loafer provides that classic appeal with its versatile silhouette. Not only does it highlight a number of your looks with ease, its cut away lip, premium leather upper and padded footbed cushions each step, so every outing is a comfortable one. Decorated with an oversized gold-toned ornament at the vamp for a luxe touch. Wear Lesline with the back closed or collapsed.


  • flat


  • Slip on
  • Square Toe
  • Collapsible Heel
  • Padded footbed

  • Upper: Genuine leather
  • Lining: Sheepskin leather
  • Outsole: rubber
    • Size 11, Size 12, Size 13, Size 14, Size 15
    Choose Your Heel at Trèsolz!

    And for our heel-lovers reading this: make sure you check out our Choose Your Heel Collection.  Same Shoe. Different Heel.

    We are the only brand dedicated to large sizes that offers you heel choices at this level.  We currently have four styles in this line in sizes 10-13 only right now.
    Beverly 3 & 4
    Jonelle 3 & 4
    Gladys 3 & 4
    Debra 2 & 4
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    And Lesline drops NOW! For your shopping pleasure ONLY...for 24h.

    Need sizing help or have specific questions about any of our styles? We are here...just reply to this email and our staff will respond as fast as humanly possible:)

    Happy Shopping!

    God Bless,
    Judy & the Trèsolz Team

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