Um...Knock knock, where’s the shoes?

Hey, it's Judy.

It's been an exciting 8 months and we are SO grateful for our loyal customers. However, if you’ve browsed our plus size shoe shelves lately, you would’ve noticed they look a little bare!

Our Winter Collection and Spring/Summer Collection had over 30 styles! We exceeded our expectations in bringing affordable, beautiful shoes up to a size US/CAN 15. But now, we are sold out of many styles, especially in sizes 13-15.

We hear you. You've asked us: When your size will be back in stock? When are the new releases coming?

We know it must be frustrating to browse our site, fall in love with a style, and realize your size is sold out. We want to be totally transparent with you, since you're part of our Trèsolz family and we want you to trust us to meet your trendy plus size shoe needs. Just know that on our side of this, we're frustrated too! Yet...please know this, MORE ARE COMING!

Question: Judy, why aren't the shoes here yet?   Answer: COVID-19!

This is why our 12 new styles have been kept a secret for MONTHS. We've been waiting for them to arrive to our warehouse. Our suppliers have shipped them and so far it's taken double the time (8 weeks) and they are still not here! It sucks, we know. We wish we had more control over this. Every day we are anticipating them.  You, our Trèsolz family, will be the first to know!

BUT, we decided we’re ready to give you a sneak peek...Check out just some of the girls that are coming soon in the picture above.

P.S.: We're in the process of designing sneakers and boots and are so excited to branch out into this new space! The need for fashionable sneakers for big feet is HUGE. Same with boots and booties. BUT, we want to make sure they are going to fit. We've been working hard with a team to design, modify molds, create samples, and test materials. We want these to be perfect, and perfection takes time.

Finally,  remember we are still here and working hard for you every day. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for sharing us with your friends and family. It means the world to us.

Hope you have an awesome day

Judy & the Trèsolz Team

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