The Best Wedding Shoes for Large Feet

Weddings are full of decisions. Whether you are attending as a guest or are the blushing Bride herself, a common question seems to be what to wear as your wedding shoes. Here are different dress options and which of our shoes pairs perfectly.

Let's start with the classic white wedding dress for our bride. Whether you are donning lace, sparkles, or a simple understated dress, Debra 4 and the Katerina sisters work perfectly. They’re subtle, beautiful shoes that add personality to your look. If you’re looking for something blue, Debra 2 is the shoe that you want. Simplicity is key, which is exactly what these shoes can enhance. 

If you are a member of the beautiful bridal party or a guest, your dresses can be any colour other than white. To pair with your gowns, we have black, grey, pastel, and bold-coloured plus size wedding shoes for you to choose from. The world is your oyster. 

Your style is what makes the decisions here. Basic or bold? We’ve got it all.

Say hello to all the colours of the rainbow. Talita, Justice, Juliette, and Jazz can give you the black-to-colour look people usually resort to. For a more subtle look, our grey Beverly sisters will have you obsessed. Or, we can spice it up with (you guessed it) more colour. You can use the Jonelle’s and the Debra’s along with these other perfect options: Paul-a and Margaret. They throw in the darker colour options, which always look amazing with both light and dark dresses. 

Setting the ceremony aside, we NEED comfort. Let’s be real, no one wants to spend all night in heels, so changing out of heels halfway through the party is the smartest thing a woman could do. Each and every sandal and flat we carry is classy enough to be featured in a wedding. Some of our favourites, though, are Willo, Brenda, and Patsy, who adds the perfect addition of bling to your shoe. 

To let you in on a little secret, you can get even cozier than sandals and flats. That’s where Claudine comes in to save the day with her fuzzy interior. Who cares if she matches the dress, she’ll make your big feet happy by the end of the night. 

Now you can take the stress of shoe shopping off your shoulders. No matter what theme or colour, there’s the perfect shoe right here for you.

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