Styling Flat Shoes

When women want to look good, more often than not, they’ll choose to add heels to complete their outfit, no matter how painful they may be. Heels are associated with elegance and sex appeal while flats can make you feel childish and awkward, especially when you have big feet. In reality, both can give you the look you’re going for if you pair your flats and sandals with the right outfit.

Long Skirts and Dress Shirts

When classing up your flats, pair them with a long skirt. It adds a casual side to your style with a hint of intelligence. Picture that pretty teacher look with a white dress shirt or blouse.

Mini-Dresses or Mini-Skirts

With the right pair of flats and an elegant mini-dress/-skirt, you won’t look childish in flats because you’ll be too busy stealing the show. The right flats for this job include:

  • Willo: Pair her with a simple mini-dress/-skirt that will accentuate her black and gold colouring. Willo is a beautiful shoe that places you as a mature woman that just doesn’t feel like heels. Your skirt can be flowy or tight. Either way, Willo adds her own beautiful flair to this outfit.
  • Brenda: This is the shoe that gives you options. Any colour can be paired with her black version since the rhinestones are white. The golden taupe version should be paired with lighter coloured clothes. Brenda’s open toe design gives the same elegance of a heel, but superiorly more comfortable.

Shorts and Cropped Tops

Here’s where your sandals will shine. On summer days where it’s too hot for anything other than shorts and a cropped shirt, sandals like Lesa are the way to go. They’re super easy to slip on and are a big plus for women who need wide width shoes for their large feet.


Your day-to-day looks probably don’t consist of you bearing your legs. Most of us have jobs in offices or other professional settings. However, you still do need to stay comfortable. If your daily tasks allow for jeans, we recommend you pair your long legs with a pair of skinny jeans. Embrace your height here and let your legs do the talking. Your feet can easily split into a pair of flats or sandals - if you’re looking for a small heel then Debra 2 is the way to go. Deltons are great if you want to keep your feet flat on the ground. Our Poppy flat offers a cute burst of colour as well. Plus her  look with any accessories you choose and you are ready to face the day.

Truly, no matter what you’re wearing, sandals and flats can add that pop just like heels can, without the pain of standing all day. Shop our plus size shoe selection for sandals and flats now. 

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