Your Outfit or Your Shoes - Which Should You Pick First?

The great debate in fashion - are shoes the main course or the dessert that follows. Do the clothes come first and then the shoes complement, or is it the other way around? One thing I know for sure - you have to have enough pairs to match all your moods. Am I right?

The Main Event

In this scenario, your shoes will be the centre of the outfit. We sometimes neglect the fact that your shoes can be the statement piece that the rest of the outfit is built around. This is because they are the last piece of clothing you put on - unless you’re one of those heels in the house type of gals!

In this example, we will use the Beverly. Part of our Choose-Your-Heel collection, she comes in both a 3” cone heel and a 4” stiletto. You can pair her with a typical mid-length patterned or textured skirt, perfect for a day in the office. Choose tops in a lighter shade or a blouse with a bold pop of colour to match a dark skirt, or a darker top to complement a lighter-coloured skirt. Choose from materials like silk or cotton that exude an elegant vibe. Bonus points if you can find ones with ruffles to further elevate your look.

The Final Touch

In this scenario, your shoes will be paired to the already put-together outfit. First rule of thumb - your outfits should have no more than three colours. Or better yet, stick to one or two and work with a couple shades. Any additional colours may make the outfit look clumsy or not well thought through. As we move into the Spring weather, get creative with layers. Start with a simple top and bottom and add a leather, denim or bomber jacket that can easily be removed as the temperature rises.

When you are looking for that perfect addition to complement your outfit, choose the Christine. These sexy snakeskin booties can be paired with cuffed or skinny jeans and either dark or pastel-coloured tops. Why wear the Christine with cuffed jeans? The length of this boot reaches the top of your ankle so you’re able to show off a bit of leg. Choose an ultra-high waisted or mid-waisted jean with these booties to visually elongate your legs even more.

The Chicken or the Egg?

Whether you start with the shoes or the rest of the outfit, the fact remains that your shoes must have the flexibility and versatility to match multiple outfits. After all, your shoes are much more than just protection for your feet - they reveal your style, mood, personality, and flair! 

We are slowly approaching the end of our winter season and our Winter 2021 Collection still has a few sizes left. Most shoes are still available in sizes 10-13 and you will want to get your hands on a pair before they are sold out!

Ready to shop? We’re ready when you are! Visit Trè to get your solz into a pair of our comfortable and fashionable shoes. 

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Happy shopping!

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