Bye Bye Heel Hangover, Hello Shoes that Actually Fit Big Feet

Our story is a from “Pain to Purpose” story and when I say pain I mean physical, emotional, and mental. Ladies, we’ve all been there and know the pain. A night out is on the horizon and we head to the local shoe store to find the perfect heel to complete our expertly matched outfit. A pretty 4” stiletto catches your eye. Yes, this is the one we must have. But then, a wave of panic rushes as you turn the heel over to see a dainty little number 8. You take a deep breath and search for the salesperson. Excuse me, you ask, can I please try this in a size 11? Now the store clerk starts to sweat. I’m sorry ma’am, we only go up to a size 9.5. Alright you think to yourself, that’s not too bad. Only a size and a half off. We can make this work.

You ask for the 9.5 and as you slide your foot in, you experience what us large-footed ladies endearingly refer to as the “heel hangover”. Girl, those feet look like they’ve been drinking and they’re just a hot mess falling out of the back of that shoe. It’s no problem, you tell yourself, if you can manage to just balance your feet in these obviously-too-small shoes with good posture, you can make it through the evening unscathed, right?

But why?! Why do we do this to ourselves? Maybe because this style in your size is double the price? Or maybe because the other styles in your size are, well, not that visually appealing? Or maybe because the closest gorgeous shoes in your size and in your price range live in Buffalo along with $40 of duties, taxes and shipping. *Sigh* You decide to settle because that’s just the way it is.

Well #sorrynotsorry ladies but we’ve found a better way. Together with the amazing Trèsolz team and ladies just like you, we’ve designed shoes that are A. Affordable, B. Beautiful, and C. Cost Friendly - see what we did there? We’ve received feedback on our Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 collections from women just like you that have helped shape our future shoe-making decisions.

Ladies, no more heel hangover. Our shoes come true-to-size for ladies with extended shoe sizes 9.5 to 15. These shoes are affordable and each one has been thoughtfully designed with extra cushion on the foot bed to keep your solz happy and healthy. Together, we can change the marketplace for ladies like us with big feet and not have to settle or compromise. Who’s with me?

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