Shhh… it’s Private (Label)

A woman’s style is unique. It’s specific to the person and it has to fit their personality. This was our inspiration when we came up with our Private Label service. We give our customers the chance to receive the most perfect plus size shoes for them, because the shoes are customized for them!

So, what is private label?

This began with women needing more. Whether they are stylists, celebrities, T.V. personalities, or just women with big feet who have a specific vision in mind. At that time, our shoe selection was small. But, the big-footed community wanted to support us, so they asked, what can we do for them that would in turn help us grow? Since we can’t make large quantities of shoes in every single style, we thought, why not just make one. We reached out to our suppliers and this Private Label service was born.

Private Label is the build-a-bear of shoes. You get what you want down to the very last detail in your exact size. You choose the fabric, heel, colour, design, and more! Shoot for the stars! You fill out our design form, upload pictures, and give us a description of the shoe you want. We work with our team to create it - just for you. From the moment you place the order, it’ll take anywhere from 5-10 weeks to make it to your front door, so order quickly if you have a special event in mind. 

You’re probably all asking the same question: how can I afford this? On the “custom shoe” scale, it’s way more affordable than what custom anything would go for. Pricing for Private Label depends on how intricate the design is in terms of material, detail accents, patterns, and design complexity. As an estimate, our Private Label service starts at about $270US.

Want to see just how worth it this service is? Check out the Private Label section of our website and let your creativity shine through your personalized, custom, beautiful shoes



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