She's Coming in Tall(Size)!

Tall, female athletes are often called "manly-looking". They can fit in men's clothing and shoes - and because they are athletic, they seem to be expected to wear only that - athletic clothing. Who can relateThis is their struggle and it is enabled by companies leaving out tall women by not making plus/tall size clothing and shoes. News flash! Tall women exist and they want what the rest of women want - fashionable, affordable, comfortable attire.

Meet beautiful Kayla Alexander, a 6'4" basketball player who started her journey as an athlete at just 12 years old. She's been playing pro ball for 9 years and has always had a rough time finding clothing and shoes that fit. The pants were too short and shirts became crop-tops. How is someone supposed to function with women's shoes they can't even put on? Society's answer: Just wear men's shoes. But why?  Being tall shouldn't strip you of your femininity.

Kayla's solution was to create a website with the help of her sister, Kesia and dear friend, Nicole, who sparked her love for basketball. Their venture, Tall Size, makes shopping easily accessible for tall women. Clothing and shoe companies, like Trèsolz, partner with Tall Size and are featured on the site. Your one-stop-shop for all things tall.

Kayla Alexander is a person of faith and believes God masterfully and wonderfully made each of us without any mistakes. You have every right and every reason to love who you are and how you are built. Own it. Tall women command attention, whether they like it or not. You were made to stand out (sound familiar?). Be who you are confidently and without apology.

We are honoured that Kayla has chosen to rock our Katerina 4s and Jonelle 3s, two styles perfect for her large-sized feet. These were the first two pairs of strappy heels that actually fit her! And the removable straps on her Katerinas add versatility to her outfit options. Women like Kayla need companies like Trèsolz to keep up with trendy, beautiful shoes so that women with plus sized feet don't have to compromise.

Shopping with Trèsolz lets tall women feel empowered and included. Show off your strong attitude and bad-ass style. Anything from work shoes for women who have big feet, trendy plus size shoes, wedding shoes, and more are all available for tall women.

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