We’ve got one word. Colour. And it’s like never before. Our NEW vegan synthetic shoe offers a casual shoe with a golden touch. They’re like slides but better! Keep your outfit exciting and your big feet comfy with our new slip-on addition to the family. Meet Miss Rocksie.

What Does She Pair With?

These colours may be out of your comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be the perfect finishing touch to your everyday outfits.

I’m Feeling Fancy.

You can get a kick out of this. These are not shoes you would normally wear to a formal event (I mean, they’re not heels, and we know those are the usual go-to’s) but it's a statement piece you should rock anyway. 

Pair her with your little black dress. The same way black shoes can go with a coloured dress, coloured shoes go with a black dress. All eyes will be on you, and for the right reasons! 

If you’re leaning away from dresses, you can pair Rocksie with pants. Try a checkered, straight pant, and a silky dress shirt to accentuate the colour in the shoe.

I Love Wearing Colour.

This shoe fits right in with your style. She adds an extra pop of colour to your outfit, making the whole ensemble so much better.

A t-shirt and jeans, dress, or skirt all pair beautifully with this shoe! She’s your girl. Wear all your colour as usual and Rocksie will complete your look.

Our favourite pairing is a rainbow skirt and white top. You’ll find Rocksie’s colour on that skirt and she’ll help make it pop.

I’m Pretty Casual.

Pair these shoes with a shirt of the same colour (or white), and blue or black jeans. Not only does Rocksie accentuate this day-to-day outfit, she makes it. Like I said, slides but better.  

To get even more comfortable, Rocksie can pair with your all-black or all-grey tracksuit. Or rock her with shorts and a little orange or green tank top.

You’re Going to Love Her.

Rocksie is a beautiful flat. She can be paired with any type of outfit that you’re in the mood for. We ship worldwide and shipping is free over $100 if you’re in North America. She’s available in sizes 11.5 -1 5! Find her in the “flats and sandals” section of our site now. See you there!

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