Meet The Most Stylish Summer Sandal for Women with Big Feet - The Debra

The name Debra is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "bee". Let’s buzzzz into Spring together with this gorgeous sandal from our Spring 2021 Collection. You’ll be looking effortlessly “fly” when you wear these cuties.

Introducing Our Spring Sandal

Let’s start with the shorter sister, Miss Debra 2. Her gorgeous sky blue colour and easy-to-wear 2” heel and extra cushioned foot bed will have you floating on a cloud. Then along comes the taller, neutral beige twin Debra 4. She’s got the extra 4” heel,  the extra cushioned foot bed, and extra fashion sense you are looking for to pump up that outfit.

Both girls have a beautiful braided top band, a square pointed toe, and vegan PU material with a rubber sole. 

The Perfect Pairings

Debra is perfectly paired with dresses. We’re talking casual, formal, party, sundresses, work skirts - everything. Debra 2 is more versatile because of her gorgeous shade of sky blue. Pair her with both dark- and light-coloured dresses. Play up the season with Spring vibes and floral dresses. If you want to find the perfect dress for Debra 4, choose a bolder, animal printed dress. The taller twin also pairs well with black trousers and a floral blouse for that elevated and sophisticated “working woman” look.

Finishing Touches

Do you accessorize or opt out? It depends. For more casual events, simple silver or gold jewellery can work. If you’re rocking a body con dress, pair Debra with a clutch or a cross-shoulder bag. The colour of your accessories should either directly match or contrast the colour of the dress. For example, a black body con dress goes well with a white clutch purse.

Ready to stake your claim on these beauties? We’re ready when you are! Shop now for the Debra 2 and Debra 4 and start dreaming of those outfit combos. 

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Happy Shopping!

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