6 Ways to Make your Heels More Comfortable

Cracking the Comfort Code

Ladies, get ready for some facts about your feet. Did you know your heel bone is the largest bone in your foot? After a long day of being on your feet, your heels may begin to ache from overuse and shoes that just aren’t made right.

Before I give you Trèsolz's answer to making your heels and shoes more comfortable, because you know we have one - let’s talk about how to make your current selection of footwear a little more manageable during those marathons you be runnin’ from the car to the grocery store and back.

At the end of the day, I would be screaming internally in pain. It was the blisters on my pinky toe, the cut skin on the back of my ankle, the aching ball of my foot from all that pressure. I mean, I looked good, don’t get me wrong. Those stilettos were HOT. But believe me when I tell you I couldn’t wait to kick them off as soon as I walked in the door. Beauty is pain, right?

1. Take it to the max(i pads)!

Use the thickest, most flexible maxi pad and adhere the sticky side to your heel on the arch of your sole. Maybe trim the edges for a better fit to keep things discreet. This method was founded by Katie Maloney, from the hit TV series Vanderpump Rules.

Ladies, it actually works. Here’s the science - when your foot is at an angle too long the pressure becomes unevenly distributed causing soreness and pain. Guess where all that pressure goes? The ball of your foot. The maxi paid raises the ridges and shifts the weight back to the heel. This results in less pain and a longer “wear-time” of the shoe. Bonus! If you have sweaty solz, this method absorbs that moisture providing you with a better grip preventing your foot from sliding around in your shoe.

2. Fill it with silicone.

These work best with open-toed shoes or ones with cutouts on the sides. Silicone gel pads are transparent and work similarly to the maxi pads. They are a bit on the pricey side, however, and are only for one-time use.

3. It’s a wash(i tape)!

Washi tape, or medical tape, can be used to tape the third and fourth toe together, which reduces pain and blisters while wearing closed-toed heels. Washi tape is not as sticky as regular adhesive so it actually comes off at the end of the night (R.I.P. toe hair). Don’t tape them too tightly or you’ll lose circulation! Too loose is also useless. Bandaids can also work here. For open-toed shoes, try using nude medical tape. Now for the science - this method works because of the little nerve that splits into these two toes and is connected to the ball of your foot. Holding them together helps take the pressure off and therefore, no pain.

4. Bye Bye Blisters!

Let me introduce you to the magic of deodorant and petroleum jelly. By applying these around your toes and heels, you will reduce friction, therefore preventing blisters. Not to mention, deodorant on your feet will reduce sweat and keep them smelling fresh.

5. Cover It Up.

Do you have a pair of shoes that fit super tight? Apply a bandaid where the shoe meets the back of your heel and voila - magic. Not only will the blisters stay at bay but the shoes will also be easier to walk in. You can also apply bandaids to other pain points on your feet that you feel while wearing those shoes.

6. Time to Save the Day!

Now, here’s our answer. Trsolz has created the most comfortable shoes for women with extended shoe sizes (9.5-15) by adding an extra layer of cushion in the solz. Trust me, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Finally ladies, you can love your heels again. Stylish and cozy - Trsolz has what you need.

Ready to shop? We’re ready when you are! Visit Trèsolz.com to find your comfortable and fashionable shoes. Because hacks are great, but no pain without extra work on your end is way better.

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Happy shopping!

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