How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Any Event

I’m the kinda gal that believes that form must fit function. Plain and simple. But still, how do you choose the perfect shoes? What works for the event and what doesn't?

Picture this. My family and I are going over to a friend’s house - don’t worry, this example is pre-COVID (smh). My outfit is all picked out and it’s time for the final touch - the perfect shoes to seal the deal.

But there are SO many options!

I must confess...I own a lot of shoes. And I don’t conform to many rules when it comes to buying my shoes. Shoes are my form of expression. They are a statement piece that completes the outfit. As far as what shoes goes with which outfit - I write that rule. No one else but me.

But I digress, back to my friend’s house party. By the way, the more of my blogs you read, you’ll either come to love or get annoyed with my tangents. But we’re back!

When narrowing down my final shoe choice, I ask myself, “Judy?”, because I talk to myself in the third person, “Judy, what do you know about this occasion?” Well, I know that after walking from my house to my car, driving over, walking from my car to their house, entering the house wearing said shoes, getting complimented on my AMAZING outfit - my shoes come off and are left at the front door, usually with about 15 other pairs owned by the respective guests.

Backing up a bit - the form must fit function. You know those sexy, strappy, 4-inch stilettos that have about a 2 hour lifespan before your toes go numb and the ball of your foot is crying for help? Those are the ones that get the compliments! And hey, who doesn’t want to look good? Now calculate - from your house to the car, driving, from the car to their house, greeting the hosts, taking them off and BAM you’re home free. You can rock those bad boys in style without having to worry - tonight is about looking good!

With the limited amount of time you’ll be on your feet, wear those super high, toothpick-sized heel that brings out the long, sexy, firm, lean, confident and sophisticated look you are going for. Haven’t found the perfect pair yet - let me direct you to our Tresolz collection.

You’ll feel amazing while wearing them. You’ll rock your outfit and look hot as hell. Most importantly, they get to come off at your destination and be on display for guests to ask, “Hey, where did you get those?”. 

Get excited about the next time you’ll be joining friends and family for a get-together. Show up in style looking hot. Tresolz has exactly what you are looking for. Time to shop!

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