Celebrities With Big Feet

Waitttt, who?

Do you ever feel worried about your big feet? Well, the good news is, you’re not alone. Some of the most well-known celebrities can relate to you. You read that right, celebrities got big feet as well. After all, we are all still humans. 

If your big feet ever walk over your self-confidence, don’t worry, there's nothing a little shopping can’t fix, especially at Trèsolz. We’ve got you covered with our larger shoe sizes available. And without any delay, here are some tall female celebrities who’ve got enormous feet.

1. Jennifer Lawerence - 10.5 US

One of the highest-paid actresses in 2015-2016, Jennifer has a charismatic personality and loves her flaws. And caring about what the haters have to say about her wearing a size 10.5 US is the last thing on her mind. 

2. Serena Williams - 10.5 US

Queen Serena, the #1 women’s tennis player is also a size 10.5 US, helping her move swiftly around the court with exceptional balance. 

3. Katie Holmes - 11 US

Next off, we have Katie. Known for her famous role as Joey Potterin the hit tv series Dawson’s Creek. She wears a size 11 and is known for her abnormally long toes, which her stylist has trouble fitting into a pair of shoes on the runway. 

4. Oprah  Winfrey - 11 US

One of my favourite hosts, Oprah Winfey~~~~~ This girl boss rocks all shoes in a size 11 US, after spending years thinking that she was a size 10, and dealing with the uncomfortable consequences of wearing a size down

5. Kendall Jenner - 10 US

The stunning model Kendall Jenner shocked the public when she confidently told everyone that she has big feet, wearing a size 10 US. In one black and white picture of her, she sits nude on stairs with her legs crossed and her feet bare, this raised a lot of talk about her big feet, but why should that bother her? She continues to wear her favourite sandals and heels comfortably, without batting an eye to the public about their negativity.

6. Khloe Kardashian – 10 US 

Remember the reality tv series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians?  Khole starred in the show along with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Khloe’s clocking in with big feet, wearing a size 10  US like her sister, Kendall, while carrying an inch less of height.

7. Lauren Ambrose - 10 US

Lead actor Lauren Ambrose in “Six Feet Under” stands at only 5’6 and like Kendall and Khloe, Lauren is also a part of the size 10 club. 

8. Heidi Klum - 10 US

This gorgeous woman is an alumni of The Victoria's Secret Angels, wearing a size 10 for those model feet. She doesn’t let her big feet stand in the way of wearing tall, stiletto heels. To let you in on a little secret she shared in an interview, she wears foot cushions to ease the pain when on her feet for so long in the day.

9. Elle MacPherson - 12 US

Elle appeared in the famous sitcom Friends as Janine Lecroix in season 6 for a few episodes. Elle used to be a popular swimsuit model in the early times. Who knew that a model/actress/queen can rock all her shoes in a size 12.

10. Missy Franklin - 13 US

Missy is an American swimmer who currently set a world record in the 200m backstrokes, finishing with a time of 2:04.06. Missy wears a size 13 US, which probably helped her in her success, resulting in her winning four gold Olympic medals. 

At the end of the day having something special like big feet is not a bad thing.  We should accept our “imperfections” and ignore the haters. If you don’t believe me, then hear it from the celebrities we all look up to, who share the same social struggles, and couldn’t give a damn. 

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