Celebrating Black History Month & Black-Owned, Canadian-Owned Businesses

February 2021: Black History Month

We’ve come to the end of Black History Month and this month has flown by. Every year, the month of February is dedicated to celebrating, remembering and acknowledging the Black community. It is also about education and making Canada a more diverse and benevolent nation. Small black business owners, like Sandra from SDHtoronto make it their top priority to empower the Black community, educate and build awareness through her social media platform and clothing brand. I’m proud to wear her latest release, this white, off-the-shoulder, glam top. As today is the last day of February, I want to recap just a bit so we don’t (ever) forget why we have a Black History Month.

Why Do We Celebrate It?

Canadians may not know that Black people were once enslaved in the territory where they now live or how those who fought enslavement helped lay the foundation of diversity and inclusivity.

With the efforts of the Honourable Jean Augustine, the first African-Canadian woman to be elected to Canada's House of Commons as the Member of Parliament from the Greater Toronto Area constituency of Etobicoke-Lakeshore in 1993, the Government of Canada declared this month would be an annual celebration to recognize Black History.


My Contribution to Black-Owned Businesses

As you may already know, I am a proud, Black Canadian. My parents immigrated from Jamaica in the 60’s. Not only am I the Founder of Trèsolz, but I am also a personal wellness coach and teacher. I believe that an individual’s work ethic is so important when following one’s dream. But I also know that racism still exists and that a strong work ethic isn’t always enough. 

Why Trèsolz?

I struggled to find extended shoe sizes that were both comfortable and true to the size marked on them. From pain to purpose, Trèsolz was born so that I could design footwear that was fashionable, affordable and easy to wear. Our brand caters to women that wear shoe sizes 9.5-15.

Ready to Shop?

Our Winter 2021 line has been going strong and we’ve still got a few sizes left. You’re going to fall in love with Juliette, Jonelle, Katerina, Beverly, Carla, and Christine.

But wait...there’s more...

Trèsolz is having a limited-time sale on our thigh-high pocket boot named Donna-Marie. She’s back for a LIMITED TIME and ON SALE for only $160.99 CAD.

After checkout, we’ll contact you to provide your calf dimensions - that’s right, you choose the width your boots will be to ensure the perfect fit. This is customization at its finest ladies. And only for an additional $25 CAD.

Get your Donna-Marie’s now ladies, because once she’s gone, she’s gone for good. Available in sizes 9.5-15.

Visit Trèsolz.com to start shopping and follow us on Instagram at @Trèsolz and on Facebook at @Trèsolz. Happy Shopping!

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