10 Funniest Shoe Memes

It's time to scroll through our favourite social media apps. Whether you're Team Instagram or Team Facebook, we could all use a good laugh. We've put together ten of the best, funniest shoe memes on the internet that are sure to invoke uncontrollable laughter.

1. Time to get the broomstick.

upstairs neighbors favorite shoes are made of rocks

We can all relate to this one (unless you live alone). 

Waking up on your day off with loud stomps coming from your ceiling. You listen closely and of course, it’s the neighbour above you stomping their slippers across the floor. 


2. Fresh new kicks.

man leaping over puddle

We all do a little ballet leap across a puddle when we are wearing some new kicks. 

3. Too many shoes?

boy with disgusted face

Too many? Never! In fact...not enough. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life sis.


4. When your Mom is calling.

collage of people wearing socks with sandals

You gotta do what you gotta do. Mom is waiting. Hurry before you hear your name again. 


5. Ya' basic.

annoyed face

We all own at least a pair of shoes from Walmart. You can’t deny, they were part of our childhood.


6. One, two, FREE?

dog with crazy eyes

Oh, did I mention - FREE SHIPPING at Trѐsolz for orders over $100. Go grab your pair before they're all sold out. 


7. Beauty is pain?

illustration of a heel feeling like a pin sticking into your foot

The sad truth...but y'all know this was before you bought a pair of our comfy heels.


8. Count your days.

woman looking annoyed

Noooooooooo. Not my new pair! *sighs* Time to clean them. Again.


9. It's not my fault.

red pumps

Unless they stop making shoes in my size, the shopping doesn’t stop.


10. Those step-sisters had it coming.

cinderella's step sister trying to shove big foot into glass slipper

When you really like that one pair of heels but they are out of your size. Now imagine how it’s even harder for people who have big feet and trying to find shoes that fit :( 


*Ding* Finally, those who you shared your favourite memes with replied. Either a laughing emoji or just a simple double-like - you feel some solidarity. 

As some memes mentioned above, it is hard to find shoes that fit and are comfortable at the same time for us babes with extended shoe sizes.

It's time to shop for some stylish and comfortable shoes. Visit Trèsolz.com to find your sole-mate. The best part, you'll now receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100. 

Happy Shopping! 

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